Summer Cleaning Checklist

The fresh air and lovely smells of summer go a long way in making a home feel renewed after being closed up against the colder weather.  Still, actual cleaning needs to continue, and this season offers both opportunities and challenges to keeping our home clean and comfortable.  Our Summer Cleaning Checklist will help you with both.

Every season calls for a combination of regular cleaning tasks, some deep cleaning tasks, and of course a handful of seasonal cleaning tasks.

As you go through this list, remember that house cleaning is individual.  Finding a balance that works for you is the goal.

Don’t stress if you’re enjoying your summer so much that there’s just not time for them all, though!

Basic Cleaning Tasks

It’s important to keep up with a basic cleaning schedule even through the summer months, whether your lifestyle is busy or laid back.  You may decide to cut back your cleaning routine a bit, but don’t let it disappear altogether.   They don’t all have to be done every week.  Focus on the items that need it most.  You’ll definitely want to clean your toilets more often than your mirrors!  But try to rotate through the list so everything ends up getting some attention.  Here’s a summary collected from our house cleaning lists.

Deep Cleaning Tasks

These deep cleaning tasks only need to be done once during the season, so it’s easy to spread them across these three months.  The ones listed below are selected because they work well during the summer.  But if you’d like to swap in other ones, check out our deep house cleaning checklist for ideas. You may not get to all of them, but the more the better.
Summer is a good time to focus on your kitchen.  Do a deep clean now and you’ll be ready when autumn comes, schedules get busier, and the holidays are on the horizon.

Seasonal Tasks

Tips for Summer Cleaning

Keep a close check on mold and mildew.  The higher humidity of summer weather encourages them to grow and spread.   Here are 2 suggestions.  Run an empty washing machine cycle with hot water and detergent, then let the door open so the inside can air dry.  Also, squeegee your shower after each use so it dries more quickly.

Fight garbage odors.  Place baking soda in the bottom of garbage cans to help deodorize contents that are sitting in the heat.

Dust more frequently.  With warmer weather comes open windows, running fans, and more frequent traffic in and out of the house.  All of this results in more dust!  So pay special attention to keeping it under control.

Wrap Up

Of all the seasons, summer is probably the one we least want to spend cleaning.  It’s easy to let our normal house cleaning routine slide. Of course, there are some seasonal tasks to take care of. But having a basic schedule of regular chores is what will really keep your home in good shape.  Add in a few deep cleaning tasks and you’re really making progress. 

Be sure to check out our Spring Cleaning ChecklistFall Cleaning Checklist, and Winter Cleaning Checklist for year-round cleaning inspiration.

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