How to Deep Clean Your House + Free Deep House Cleaning Checklist

You know deep cleaning is important, but exactly what that means can be a little vague.  Are you cleaning everything you need to?  Or are you missing some things that maybe you’ve never thought of, or forgotten.  This article will clear up the details and give you an entire house cleaning checklist to make the job easier from now on.
Free Deep House Cleaning Checklist

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There aren’t any hard and fast rules, but here are some basic differences between a deep clean and a regular clean.  

A deep clean:

  • Is thorough.  It usually means cleaning an item as fully as possible.  
  • Is generally done less often than regular cleaning.  You may wipe down your bathroom sink every day, but clean and disinfect it once a week.
  • Reaches hidden areas, nooks and crannies, and hard to get to spots.
  • Targets areas with built-up dirt and grime.
  • Is more intensive and can require special products and tools.

The difference between deep and standard cleaning is also personal to your own goals and situation.  But now that you know, the next step is to find a way to easily incorporate it into your routine.

Deep Cleaning Your House

You’re probably already doing some deep cleaning.  It’s part of most regular house cleaning schedules.  

To expand your cleaning routine and give you more ideas for your own list, here are some of the most common deep cleaning tasks. 

General Household (All Rooms)
Living Areas

How to quickly deep clean your home

When you need to get it done fast, there are options.  This can be a stressful situation, but you’ll handle it.

First, clarify why you need to deep clean and how much time you have.  

Second, prioritize your tasks based on the reason you’re cleaning.  Having people staying overnight?  Clean the guest room and bathroom first.  There’s little chance guests will wander into your bedroom, so it’s not at the top of the list.

Third, tackle you tasks based on the amount of time you have.  You may want to move all the furniture and vacuum, but focus on visible areas when you’re short on time.

Once you’re cleaning, follow these tips to get it all done more quickly.

  • Try not to get distracted as you clean.  Stay focused on your priorities.
  • Take care of the worst offenders first and work your way down the list.  You know what they are.  
  • Working task by task is faster than room by room. Do all the dusting, then move to vacuuming, etc.

Nobody likes to clean under pressure.

If you start to include deep cleaning tasks in your regular household schedule, you’ll find it easier to keep up.  Our Printable Daily, Weekly and Monthly Cleaning Checklists can be a big help.

Keeping a cleaning checklist by room handy is another way to quickly remind yourself of what needs to be done.  

And finally, knowing how to organize cleaning supplies will also reduce the time it takes you to do any type of cleaning.

Create a deep cleaning schedule for home

When you have a comprehensive list of your deep cleaning tasks, it’s easier to include them a little at a time in a way that’s totally doable for you.

Divide and conquer is key.  

  • Download our cleaning checklist below. 
  • Create your list and include how often each deep cleaning task needs to be done. 
  • Do a few tasks from the list each week, then start the rotation over again.

It will take a little experimentation to find what works best for you.  But don’t make it too complicated.  Look at it this way.  Every little bit of deep cleaning you do along the way will reduce the amount you need to do all at once.

FREE Printable Deep Cleaning Checklist (PDF)

Grab your copy now!  Our entire list of deep cleaning tasks is already prefilled, plus you have lots of space to add your own.

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