Home Cleaning Checklists by Room + Free Printables

Every room in our home requires its own cleaning tasks and frequency.  It can be easy to forget where we’re at in our cleaning schedule and what needs to be done in each room and when.  So our room-by-room cleaning checklist printables allow you to get all those tasks down on paper.  You’ll have a comprehensive list to refer to again and again, and won’t have to remember what you need to do.

Grab Your Free Room Cleaning Checklist Set - Prefilled + Blank

There is a page for each of the following 4 areas:

And for each room, there is space for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Occasional tasks.

There are 8 printable sheets in all.  Four are pre-filled with common tasks and include some empty spaces for you to fill in your own items.  The other four are blank if you want to totally customize your list.

Tips for Success:

printable kitchen bathroom bedroom living room cleaning checklists

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