Makeup Inventory Tracker – Free Printable

Is your makeup collection small-ish?  Then a spreadsheet or app may be overkill for keeping tabs on your cosmetics. Our free Makeup Inventory Tracker gives you a simple way to record the most important information about your beauty products. It’s low-tech, easy, and it works. 

Maybe you’ve never even thought about it before, but there are several good reasons to track your makeup items.  From safety concerns to making your beauty routine faster and easier, it’s worth the time it takes to organize your makeup and jot down the information so you have it at a glance.  

Makeup goes bad.

We’re all aware that makeup doesn’t last forever.  But you may not be sure exactly how long its safe to use a particular item.   I know I wasn’t.  And I know I’ve used items much longer than I should have.   It’s just so easy to forget, and before you know it that same mascara has been around longer than you can remember. 

Makeup that is past it’s prime can put you at higher risk of developing something minor like skin irritation or something more dangerous like an infection.  Especially items that are used around your eyes.  And you don’t want to risk that. So how can you know when it’s reached the point of being unsafe?

There are three guidelines you should use to know if your makeup is still fresh enough to use:  telltale signs, the manufacturer’s PAO recommendation, and general shelf life.

  • The telltale signs you should look for are changes in smell, color or texture.  Whenever these type of changes occur, replace the item.
  • A PAO (Period After Opening) recommendation is the manufacturer’s suggestion of how long a product will be usable after it is opened.  This appears on product packaging.

Remember, no matter what the actual date is, if an item shows telltale signs of being beyond it’s prime, replace it.  And if an item seems fine, but you reach the expiration date, consider replacing it anyway. 

Our tracker has space for you to record when an item will expire, so you can go back and see it for all your makeup at a glance.

Avoid purchasing mistakes.

Sometimes you come across cosmetics that you love … whether it’s a specific brand, or product, or shade.  For whatever reason, it works beautifully for you. But even if you think you’ll remember, write it down! This way it will be easy to get back to that perfect look you love.

And other times, the shade that looks fantastic in the store or online just doesn’t do you any favors.  Save yourself from picking it up again by noting it’s a ‘do not buy’ item and why.

What to Track

Here’s a list of information to get you started.  Of course, you may want to change some of these to suit your beauty habits.
  • Brand
  • Product name
  • Product color
  • Where purchased
  • Date purchased
  • Price
  • PAO
  • Date opened
  • Date to replace
  • Notes

How to Use

  • Use the vertical lines on either side of the page to identify the type of products or other grouping.
  • Enter your beauty product information in the grid as follows.
Product Name Brand Product Color
Where purchased Price Paid Date purchased PAO* Date Opened Date to Replace
*PAO = Period After Opening symbol that is on most beauty products.  This is the indication of how long after opening the product will be suitable to use.  You’ll see a small jar icon usually showing a number representing months (M).

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