June Calendar – Free Printable

2020 june calendar free printable
“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat.” – Laura Ingalls Wilder

Welcome to June!

Grab a copy of our pretty June calendar, and get your summer off to a smooth start.

It’s the month for weddings, the start of summer, a celebration of fathers, and enjoying blooming gardens.  The relaxed style of sandals, shorts, sundresses, and swimsuits becomes our simple, go-to wardrobe.  And it’s all about being outside as much as possible. 

Simplify to Enjoy Summer Even More

Staying organized is still important during this lovely month to keep stress low and have more time to savor the season.   It’s hard to enjoy all the great things about summer when we’re living with everyday chaos. 

If you’re in the process of simplifying (aren’t we all) how to manage your home, family, and life, you’re already seeing the benefits, so keep the progress going.  You will thank yourself for being consistent!

If you’re new to creating a simpler life, pick one area to work on this month and write down what you want to accomplish by July 1.  

Keep it easy and enjoy small wins.  

Common June Holidays

Flag Day – 14
ather’s Day – 3rd Sunday of the month

Fun and Unusual June Holidays

You’ve probably never heard about many of these before, but they really are a thing.  Take the cues and create some family fun. Both kids and adults will enjoy coming up with ways to celebrate.

01   Flip a Coin Day
02   Rocky Road Ice Cream Day
03   Egg Day
04   Hug Your Cat Day
05   Doughnut Day
06   Yo-Yo Day
07   Chocolate Ice Cream Day
08   Best Friend Day
09   Donald Duck Day
10   Iced Tea Day
11   Corn on the Cob Day
12   Red Rose Day
13   Knit in Public Day 
14   Flag Day 
15   Fly a Kite Day
16   Fudge Day
17   Eat Your Vegetables Day
18   International Picnic Day
19   National Eat an Oreo Day
20   First Day of Summer
21   Smoothie Day
22   Kissing Day 
23   Pink Flamingo Day
24   Swim a Lap Day
25   Handshake Day    
26   National Chocolate Pudding Day
27   Sunglasses Day
28   Paul Bunyan Day
29   Hug Day
30   Meteor Day 

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