Creative DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas

diy makeup organizer ideas

We’ve talked before about organizing your makeup, but there’s still a lot to say on the subject.  Finding the best organizers for your products and space is a very individual task, because no one else has exactly the same cosmetics or the same type and amount of storage area.

When it comes to DIY makeup storage, the options are almost limitless.  This is why probably the best reason to use a DIY solution is because you can totally customize it.  It feels great when you find the solution that fits your style and needs.

And here are some creative ideas to get you thinking.  Which one will you try first?

Magnetic Makeup Board

This is a genius idea.  Not only does it use vertical space instead of counter or drawer space, but it can be a beautiful decorative addition to the room.  The instructions for the board you see in the picture below only require 4 common items.  Once you’ve got it up on the wall your makeup will be neat and tidy and easy to get to all the time.

Ice Cube Tray Eye Shadow Holder

Another unexpected idea is to use ice cube trays for storing your eye shadow.  The size and shape of the compartments is a great fit for many shadow containers.  This works well in a drawer, and allows you to see your entire collection at a glance.  And if you have a lot of eye shadow, use as many trays as you need.  Even fill an entire drawer with them.   

Vase Makeup Brush Holder

This solution is so simple and so versatile.  Our example here shows two clear vases filled with small crystals to support the brushes.   Using a different filler will change the look completely. If you have the room, it’s a good idea to separate the face and eye brushes. These accessories can make or break your look, and proper storage will extend their life and make your beauty routine easier.

Download free from our Printables Library. See a detailed view.

Penny Candy Jar Nail Polish Holder

Fun and colorful.  Keep those stray nail polish bottles in one place with a clear glass penny candy jar.  You can store it on a counter or open shelf for maximum visual effect, or if it works better, in a closet or under the sink.  One suggestion … declutter those bottles frequently so every nail polish in the jar is in good condition and is a color you will use.

Individual Lipstick Storage

This idea will require a little more time and effort, but it’s one of the nicer versions of DIY lipstick storage I’ve seen.  FYI, the video is in Spanish.  But if you don’t speak Spanish, the host does a good job of showing what she’s doing and even giving some helpful measurements.  If you’re going to spend the time to put a lipstick holder together, consider giving this version a try.  

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