12 Beautiful & Free Printable Christmas Cards

Whether you want to save money on your Christmas budget this year, or you’re in a time crunch and need an extra card quickly, these printables give you some great options.  No need to fuss with design software … just print and fold!

Our own free printable Christmas card (above) is gray and white with a playful design.  If you like a monochromatic look, its a great choice.  Or, you can quickly and easily add a few touches of color that will pop against the neutral print.

From Pretty Simple Mom.

I love the less-traditional, bright colors in this card, which give it a vibrant feel.  Add the stylized, graphic tree and you’ve got a fun, comtemporary greeting.

From Darcy & Brian.

Three kingly nutcrackers on a coordinated buffalo check background.  Also available as soldier nutcrackers on a polka dot background. 

From Kristi at I Should Be Mopping the Floor.

Watercolor in traditional hues creates a soft, appealing design that includes leaves, berries and a pomegranate.  

From Selina at Eskaa Makes.

The word ‘joy’ certainly applies to these lovely red and white dahlias, which make for a beautiful floral Christmas greeting.  

From Sustain My Craft Habit.

This cozy, hand-drawn message is shown printed on craft cardstock for a slightly rustic look, but you can easily change up the paper color.

From Delia Creates.

Coloring is so popular with adults these days.  You can fill this in before you send it, or let the recipient enjoy doing it themselves.  Set of 6 designs.

From We Are Scout.

This whimsical card features a modern color scheme and an adorable bird with Santa hat and booties.  More designs available.

From Homemade Gifts Made Easy.

Choose from 4 different sweet and sentimental watercolors that were “hand drawn, painted, and lettered with love”.

From Charming North.

“Fun, colorful typography” was handpainted and paired with bright, coordinating envelopes. 3 additional card designs are also available.

From The Handmade Home.

This card is simple and pretty, with muted colors and the message of the season in a casual font.  

From Yellow Bliss Road.

With a festive, bold red background and pretty, scrolling all-white design, this card brings a traditional style to your Christmas greetings.

From Homestead Acres.

Tips for Using Printable Christmas Cards

If you’ve never printed greeting cards before, not to worry.  Here are a few things you’ll want to consider before getting started, though. 

  • Paper - The type of paper you use makes a huge difference in the quality of your cards. You'll normally want to use a card stock weight paper, which is thicker and sturdier than typical printer paper.
  • Printer - If you haven't printed greeting cards before, check your printer manual to confirm what weights and types of paper it can handle. Follow all instructions, including how much paper to load and what printer settings to use.
  • Trimming - If you have very steady hands, you may be able to get away with trimming your cards with scissors. But for best results, an ordinary paper cutter will produce straight, clean edges and take less time.
  • Envelope - Be sure to print and measure a sample first. In the best case, the card was designed to fit a standard envelope size. But if not, you'll want to know that before printing an entire batch.
Check this handy envelope size chart if you’re not familiar with standard sizes.
  • Fold - This is often an afterthought, but getting your card to lay flat when folded adds a nice finishing touch that makes it noticeably more professional.

Here’s instructions to make a crisp fold when using cardstock.

Ideas to Embellish Your Cards

If you’re in a time crunch or looking to save some money, your cards will look great just as they are when they come out of the printer.  But if you’re feeling a bit crafty, here are a few ideas to add a little extra touch before you send them out.

  • Include a photo inside the card.
  • Add a little something to the back of the envelope, like an ink stamp or decorative seal.
  • Include a small amount of decorative confetti inside the card.
Amazon carries a wide selection of  Christmas confetti.
  • Use one of the special Christmas stamp designs offered by the Postal Service.
There’s always some beautiful and fun postage stamp options, which you can buy at your local Post Office or even on Amazon.
  • If you have beautiful handwriting, use it to address the envelope. But it you want the convenience of printing labels, add a small photo or decoration to the label template. I've done this by adding a small picture (one year of our puppy) to the left of the name & address and it dressed up the envelope nicely!

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