Stylish DIY Framed Succulent Wall Planter

Bring life to any room with an indoor succulent wall planter.  

Today I want to share a beautiful DIY idea for displaying succulents that you can use inside or outside your home.  Succulents are more popular and easier to purchase than ever.  And like many of you, I’ve fallen for these little lovelies.  

No doubt you’ve seen lots of different succulent planter ideas for growing and displaying the many varieties of these plants. Me, too.  And one of the prettiest ideas I’ve come across is a hanging succulent planter made with a picture frame.  Because of the unique characteristics of succulents, this is simple to create and more practical than you might think.

Here’s a quick overview of how a succulent picture frame goes together. 

Note, this is not intended to be used as detailed instructions, but to give you a general idea of what’s involved.  Also, the steps vary somewhat depending on the tutorial you use. We offer links to good online tutorials below.

  1. Start with a picture frame, and remove glass and any hooks.
  2. Cut a piece of chicken wire to the size of the glass and secure in place from the back side of the frame.
  3. Attach a shadow box to the back of the frame so there is room for the dirt.
  4. Sit the frame on a flat surface facing up.
  5. Pour the soil mix through the chicken wire into the frame and distribute evenly.
  6. Arrange the succulents by pushing them through the chicken wire until they are in the dirt.
  7. Water
  8. Leave sitting flat until the plants take root.
  9. Once the plants take root you can hang it or prop it against a wall.
If you want the look but would rather skip the building step, see our list of
ready-to-plant wall garden kits.

Pro Tips

  • If you want the picture frame look, you can make or purchase a shadow box to attach to the back of the frame.
  • If you like the simplicity of the plain shadowbox front, you can use that without attaching the decorative frame.
  • A 3″ deep shadowbox will allow enough dirt for the succulents to thrive.
  • Consider lining the shadow box with landscaping plastic to protect the wood from dirt and moisture.
  • Once assembled, it can take the plants 4-12 weeks before they are ready to be hung vertically.  Occasionally give the plants a gentle tug to check how well they’re rooted.
  • Include a layer of Sphagnum moss over the dirt, or intersperse it between the succulents, to help hold the soil in place and provide a nice backdrop for the plants.


I’ve collected several resources to help you create a successful wall frame, one that you’ll enjoy looking at every day.  Even if this is your first step into the world of succulents!  For answers to your questions, tutorials, recommended sites for buying succulents online, and some really nice kits to get you started, read on.

All About Succulents

Visit Succulents and Sunshine for all your questions about buying, planting, and taking care of succulents.  It’s a great resource, especially if you’re just getting started.

Wall Planter Tutorials

Before you decide how to build your succulent frame, I’d suggest taking a look through these short tutorials.  They all do a good job of walking you through the process step-by-step. And each shows a slightly different way of doing things.  You’ll pick up some valuable tips and ideas from all of them.

Buying Succulents

There are advantages to shopping locally, and you can always visit or call the nurseries and garden centers near you.  Check both large companies such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, as well as smaller local companies to see what succulents they carry.  Outlets are offering a bigger selection than ever and you may be able to find a combination you love right in your area. 

There are also advantages to ordering online.  Selection is almost guaranteed to be much bigger than you will find locally.  And there is the convenience of shopping online and home delivery. The following stores are recommended by other leading succulent sites.

Succulent Wall Planter Kits

If you love the idea, but would rather not shop around for all the parts, consider a kit.  Some include the succulents and others just the frame.  Either way, it’s a faster, more convenient solution if that’s what you’re looking for.

diy framed succulent wall planter
succulent wall planter

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