Printables FAQ

No, all of our printables are provided as digital files that you download to your computer and print yourself.

How do I open a printable?

Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, you’ll receive our printables in a PDF file(s).  They are designed to be opened and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free program that is easy to install.  

How many copies can I print?

You’re free to make as many copies as you like for your own personal use.

Can I make changes to a printable?

Some of our printables are designed specifically to allow you to type in information using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Other than these instances, you may not make any changes to the file. 

Can I get a refund for a printable I purchased?

Due to the nature of downloadable files, we do not provide refunds.  Please be sure to look carefully at the detailed images and descriptions we provide before making a purchase.