Weekly Meal Planner – Free Printable

If you’re used to deciding what’s for dinner at the last minute, stopping at the grocery store daily to get ingredients, or turning to fast food way too often, you’ll be surprised how much this simple worksheet will help change how you manage feeding your family.

The planner features:

  • A shaded square to write the date by each day.
  • Plenty of space to jot down what you’re planning for dinner, or even all three meals.
  • A grocery list area to put all the ingredients you’ll need for the planned recipes.
  • And a place for notes, of course, because … life.
  • Post it where all the family can see it so there’s less asking what’s for dinner.
  • Have a copy laminated so you can re-use it each week. 
  • On days that you won’t be preparing a meal because of other activities, jot down why.

Try it for week or two and see if you’re not less stressed and more organized!

free printable weekly meal planner

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