Assorted PRINTABLE Lunch Box Notes

encouraging lunch box notes

Provide a fun, encouraging surprise during your child’s day. It’s easy to pop one of our printable notes in a lunch box, back pack, or notebook.  Kids love to know that mom is thinking of them!  And it’s a simple way to pass along positive messages that, believe it or not, they will remember.

You know your child best.  Do they need encouragement?  Send a note that will show you’re cheering them on.  How about a little laughter?  Send a joke or fun fact that they can share it with their friends.  

For slightly older kids, the ‘Remember’ note is a simple way to jog their memory during the school day.  It’s easy to forget something once the day’s activities get started, but a note in their lunch bag or back pack can do the trick.

We’ve got a selection to choose from, so print away!

Nurture the connection with your child even when they're not with you.

'Fairytale Unicorn' Lunch Box Notes

Their magical quality makes unicorns very popular.  And these pretty, colorful designs are perfect for the child who enjoys tales of kingdoms, castles and treasure.

'Woodland Friends' Lunch Box Notes

These friendly woodland creatures are a hit with young animal lovers.  The whimsical, cuddly designs and cheerful notes will put a smile on everyone’s face.

'Outer Space' Lunch Box Notes

For a child that dreams of visiting the stars, space-themed notes are a great choice.   Encourage their interest with these bold, fun designs.

'Let's Chat' Lunch Box Notes

Special occasions call for a special message from mom.  Get creative and celebrate the things that are important to your child.  We left room for you to write on each note, so they can be used for multiple kids and multiple reasons.  Plus there’s a blank note for you to totally customize.

Is there another design you’d like to see?  Let us know!

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