Complete Kitchen Cleaning Checklist + Free Printable

A cleaning checklist for your kitchen helps you keep on top of all the tasks, big and small, needed to have a safe, pleasant space to feed your family.  It’s a challenge to simply remember it all, which is why we’ve put it all down on paper for you.  No more wondering what to do and when.

Free Printable Room-by-Room Cleaning Checklists
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We all know that a schedule can make make a big task easier to do because we’re only focusing on one part at a time, not the whole thing.  And keeping a clean kitchen is one of those tasks that are made up of a lot of different things to do and remember.

The simplest way to schedule kitchen cleaning is to divide the tasks into daily, weekly & monthly cleaning checklists

There are some necessary tasks to take care of every day, just because we use our kitchens every day, and need them to “reset” for the next meal.  Also, no one wants to wake up to a messy kitchen.

Weekly tasks are a bit more thorough and cover about every part of the room. They will keep your food preparation environment sanitary and looking fresh.

Finally, there are important “less often” cleaning tasks that can be done monthly, quarterly, or occasionally.   

Tips for Creating a Cleaning Schedule

Different schedules work for different folks, but here are some ideas to help you create one that works for you.  Take your cleaning checklist and give these a try.

  • Turn your daily tasks into routines that become habit.  For example, maybe you always run the dishwasher before going to bed and unload it before breakfast.  Or you always clean the countertops and clean the sink/faucet as part of cleaning up after dinner.
  • Break up your weekly tasks across multiple days.  If you don’t relish the idea of doing all your kitchen cleaning at once, pick a couple to do each week day and it will feel less overwhelming.
  • Put a block of time on your calendar for those less frequent tasks. Maybe each quarter set aside a morning or afternoon to empty, declutter and clean.   

Daily Kitchen Cleaning List

Ever notice how your kitchen can go from clean to hot mess in the blink of an eye?  It happens pretty much every day. And since the kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house, it requires daily attention to keep in order.  Not only is this important for health and sanitary reasons, but it makes preparing food for our families easier and more pleasant.
At a minimum, here are some tasks to do on a daily basis.

Weekly Kitchen Cleaning List

The kitchen requires more frequent intensive cleaning than when deep cleaning your house in other areas.  At least weekly (maybe more, depending on your family and lifestyle), aim to do these tasks.  Do these on a regular basis, and you’ll be able to get through them faster because there won’t be as much to clean each time.

Less Often Kitchen Cleaning List

Some tasks can wait longer in between, yet they’re just as important to having a clean, well-functioning kitchen.  Be sure to find a way to remind yourself and work these into your cleaning schedule.  Adjust the frequency to what works for you.  Consistency is the key.



Download free printable house cleaning checklists for other rooms in your home, too.

What is the fastest way to clean a kitchen?

Using some simple strategies can help you clean your kitchen faster and more efficiently.   These tips will serve you well, both for cleaning your kitchen and in other areas of your house.  Be intentional about putting them into practice and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.  

  • Work on more than one thing at a time.  For example, if you’re hand washing your dishes, put them in a dishpan of warm, sudsy water to soak while you vacuum the floor.  Or clean your microwave while you scrub your stovetop.
  • Batch your tasks.  For example, stack everything that goes back into the refrigerator beside it.  Then put them all in together, instead of one at a time.  Or, gather all the silverware that needs to go into the dishwasher.  Then put it in together, instead of moving back and forth from the sink to the dishwasher every time.  Use this technique with big and small tasks.  It really does save time.
  • Develop a rhythm. Doing something the same way over and over can help us be more efficient.  Do your kitchen cleaning tasks in the same order each day and see if you don’t get faster. 

Free Printable Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Grab your copy now in popular PDF format!  Our entire list of kitchen tasks is already prefilled, plus you have lots of space to add your own.  

Having a handy reminder means you don’t have to think about cleaning as much.  Spend that energy getting it done and feel more in control as well.

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