Housebound with Kids? 50+ Easy Ways to Keep Things Fun and Educational

So you’re housebound (I like that better than ‘stuck at home’) with your kids and going out isn’t an option.  What now?  Take a deep breath and get ready for some great ideas.   You’ve got a real opportunity here that doesn’t come around often.  And you know someday you’ll look back on it fondly.  But for today, let me help you with  fresh ideas for keeping the kids engaged and having so much fun they won’t notice that they’re learning!
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If you only do one thing while your kids are home, make it this.

Introduce each child to a new age-appropriate life skill that they haven’t tried yet.

This is the perfect opportunity, while you have extra time together.  They don’t have to master the skill just yet.  But get the ball rolling by introducing them to it, guiding them through it, and having them practice.  

Here are some examples:

  • The Age-By-Age Guide to Teaching Kids How to Do Laundry

This is a simple way to invest in a child’s future.  Whether they’re 5 or 15, there is always something more to learn that will better equip them for life.

Enjoy fun, simple activities with a purpose

Everyone, kids included, needs some mindless downtime.  But balance it with fun activities that are productive and educational.  

Kitchen Activities

Your kitchen is ground zero for many, many ways to keep kids busy.  Cooking, baking, even experimenting, are all things that kids love to do.  Plus, the rest of the family gets to enjoy the results.

More Resources to Explore

Do you have a budding chef in your house?  Here’s a fun way to to encourage their interest while they build skills in the kitchen.

Kid’s Cooking Subscription Box 

Crafts & Creative Projects

Picking a project with a purpose adds extra motivation to an activity.  If you have a plan for what you’re creating, there’s a great sense of accomplishment involved.

  • Make a pop-up greeting card (younger kids|older kids) and mail to a special friend or relative, just because.

More Resources to Explore

STEM & STEAM Activities


The sky’s the limit when it comes to ways you can introduce STEAM concepts.

More Resources to Explore 

Play games & puzzles that sharpen thinking skills

Board games can be great for developing thinking skills.  But they’re not the only games in town.  Here are some ways to strengthen your child’s logic, problem-solving, and reasoning abilities while they have a good time.

My personal favorite strategy game!  We’ve spent countless hours playing with friends and family and it never gets old.

An Exiciting Game of Strategy  

Watch media that makes a difference

There is so much good ‘stuff’ out there in cyberspace, including great educational resources that previous generations of learners couldn’t even imagine.  Take advantage of it and give your kids some ‘real world’ experiences.

Burn off energy indoors

Some days you need a way for the kids to expend some energy without the benefit of going outdoors.  

Wrap Up

Whatever the reason that you’re housebound with your kids for an extended time, think of the silver lining.

It’s an opportunity, and you don’t have to do anything elaborate to make the most of it.  Just pick an idea that sounds good and get your kids involved.

I hope the ideas you find here will create some great memories. And I hope these simple activities will plant seeds that will blossom for your kids.

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2 thoughts on “Housebound with Kids? 50+ Easy Ways to Keep Things Fun and Educational”

  1. Great list for housebound families. Cabin fever will set in soon with the warmer weather coming. Would like to add one more: read literature out loud in addition to books the kids read on their own. It’s a fun way to share the philosophy of humanity in a painless way!


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