DIY Christmas Ornaments: 7 Easy To Make Christmas Ornament Craft Ideas

Making homemade Christmas ornaments is a wonderful part of holiday tradition.  Each one has a story.  And every year they invite us to remember who made them, how long we’ve had them, and the memories attached.  So we’ve collected 7 adorable Christmas ornaments to make for you to consider. The tutorials we’re featuring here are simple to make and easy to love. 

Who can resist an adorable little gnome?  They’re all the rage and are giving Santa’s elves a run for their money.  Also called tomte, nisser, tomtenisse, or tonttu, they have a long history in Nordic folklore.  Today, they are associated with Christmas and perform the handing out of the gifts at each house, similar to Santa Claus.   It’s said that they usually stay hidden out of human sight.

These DIY ornaments are as cute as can be and you can complete one in only 15 minutes! I especially love the look of the beards, with the dark gray roots and the long white front. You only need 7 supplies, and Sarah provides a handy link to the ones she uses on Amazon.

Source:  Ruffles and Rain Boots (used with permission)

Christmas Bauble Ornaments

A Christmas bauble is another name for a Christmas ornament. This lovely example is make of paper.  Paper crafts present so many possibilites to cusomize your project because there is a huge selection of decorate papers available.  Scrapbook paper is easily found at your local hobby store or online.  And if you want to get *really* creative, design and print your own!  

The tutorial is clear and takes you step-by-step through the process, which isn’t complicated.  And the paper designs that are used for the demo are available for you to purchase and print if you like.

Source:  Homemade Gifts Made Easy (used with permission)

'Let it Snow' Scrabble Ornament

Do you like to play games on Christmas Day?  In my family, the games (dice, cards, board games, even jigsaw puzzles) have always made an appearance on this holiday. It’s a fun way to pass the time together.  And a little bit of friendly competition can liven everyone up after eating a big old Thanksgiving dinner.

My first thought when I saw this handmade Christmas ornament was “Where do I get the tiles?”  Well, you don’t have to pilfer from your Scrabble game.  Tiles can sometimes be found at garage sales and thrift stores.  For a more reliable supply you can buy them from Amazon and in craft stores.  If you have to buy more than you need, make some ornaments with different Christmas phrases!

Source:  Crafts by Amanda (used with permission)

Mini Snow Globe Ornament

Snow globes can be so festive.  A miniature scene frozen in time with magical flakes swirling all around.  These adorable ornaments only require a handful of supplies that you can easily find at a craft store.  And the idea of putting them in a ‘light bulb’ is just perfect for hanging on the tree. 

Tiny mini bottle brush trees are just the right size for this handmade ornament.  The tutorial gives you more ideas for how you could display these and how you could personalize them to use for guests. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll probably think of some great ways to design your own version.

Source:  NoBIGGIE (used with permission)

Jingle Bell Ornament & Gift Decoration

This beauty can do more than just hang on a tree.  Although it does make for a great ornament.  Those are real jingle bells. Shauna shows a lovely example here of using it for an extra-special gift wrapping accessory.  Who wouldn’t want to receive a gift that looks like that?  

You can adjust the size of the wreath by using a different size of bells.  Or go gold instead of silver.  Maybe use red and green bells. This would be a good craft to do while you’re watching a holiday movie or listening to Christmas music.  Just let your fingers do the work.

Source: Satori Design for Living (used with permission)Y

Pine Cone Bow Ornament

Simple is beautiful with this pine cone homemade ornament idea.  Are you looking for a hint of rustic style in your decorations but don’t want to give up a polished, elegant look? Then this is a great choice.  It combines the best of both worlds and could be used in many different decorative themes.

You can collect and use your own pine cones, but not to worry if you don’t have the time or they’re not available where you live.  Crafts stores come to the rescue again.  And the bow is key.  Ribbon choices are practically endless, so you could easily change this up to suit your taste and style.

Source: Make It & Love It (used with permission)

Fabric Christmas Bird Ornaments

I’ve fallen for these lovely little fabric bird ornaments. They are a bit more labor intensive to make than the other Christmas ornament ideas on this page, but the results are adorable as you can see.  And really, these don’t have to just be ornaments.   They could be used as a gift embellishment, or given as a gift all by themselves.

The fabrics used in the photos are from Tilda®, which makes some adorable collections of sweet, colorful designs that are perfect for projects when you want to mix and match patterns.  

Source: Tilda® (used with permission)

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