Bird Decor for Your Home: Fresh Ideas & Finds

Birds play a beautiful role in home decor whether it’s Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter.  They can be friendly, cheerful, bright and colorful, subdued and muted, graphic, elegant, minimalist, or realistic.  Whatever your style, you can find a design that brings the life and sweetness of these little creatures into your home.

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Let's Do a Little Browsing for Bird Decor

I’ve done the work for you and pulled together a selection of highly-rated bird decor finds.  

You’ll see a variety of decorative and functional items in different styles from traditional to contemporary to rustic to Shabby Chic.  

Where could add a touch of freshness to your home with one of these lovelies?

Handpainted Mini Bluebird of Happiness

It lives up to it’s name.  This bird makes me happy just looking at it.  I just love minis of all kinds, and sometimes one small item is all you need.

If you’d like to add a subtle touch of bird decor, that has ‘happiness’ in it’s name, it would be easy to find a place for this petite friend where you would see him every day.

'Birdies On Wire' Cotton Kitchen Towel Set

What a beautiful way to brighten up your kitchen.  A selection of different birds, originally painted in watercolor, sit across lines of French script. 

And once you fall in love with the design, you’ll be glad to know that there are a collection of matching kitchen accessories and table linens.

Birds & Books Bookends/Paperweights

These little fellas are so pretty with a vintage vibe.

They would look adorable holding up cookbooks on a kitchen counter, sitting on a mantel, or keeping papers in place on a desk.  

Since they’re not too large, they can also fit nicely into lots of nooks that need a little style update.

If the silver finish isn’t your thing, they also come in gold and white.

'Birds on Branch' Wall Decor with Hooks

I love the simplicity of these birds and the functionality of the hooks disguised as branches.  The piece is available in two lengths, which gives you flexibility for small spaces and to create a group for a larger space.

It would be lovely in any room, especially the white birds popping against a wall color as in the photo.

The hooks would be great for smaller/lightweight items like keys, necklackes, ties, scarves, and hats.

Wool Accent Lovebirds Pillow Covers

Who can resist a pair of lovebirds?

This linen pillow cover is appliquéd with two wool bluebirds looking at each other and a heart between them.

Think beyond the sofa for a place to feature this cute accent.  A chair, bed or window seat would be perfect.  And think how welcome it would make someone feel in a guest room.

Pewter Quartz Table Clock with Birds

Do you have a soft spot for Shabby Chic?

Then this vintage-inspired clock with bird accents may be a great addition to your decor. 

Everyone needs to know the time, so why shouldn’t the clock be pretty to look at?

It plays double-duty as function and fashion on a countertop arrangement, perched on a bookcase, or nestled on your bedside table.

Stained Glass Window Hanging

There’s something so special about stained glass.  It is absolutely beautiful on it’s own, but seems to come to life when illuminated by the sun’s rays.

The group of colorful birds sitting on their perch is friendly and cheerful.  They’ll add a bright spot to any room whether rain or shine.

What window in your home would be perfect to feature this lovely glass panel?

Bird's Nest Electric Table Top Fountain

It’s relaxing to bring some of the outdoors inside.  The soft sound of moving water naturally provides a calming presence.

And the organic bird nest design enhances the feeling of nature that it brings.

Colorful Bird Coaster Set with Metal Bird Stand

Color, color, color!  Vibrant colors and lively designs burst from these bird-themed coasters. 

The pretty, but not-too-perfect, distressed look of the coasters and metal holder are great for everyday, casual use.

They’ll make a bright addition to a family room, outdoor dining area, or eat-in-kitchen.

Magnet Set Featuring Audubon Bird Art

What kind of magnets are on your fridge?  Or on a magnetic board in your office?

Audubon takes bird images to another level … realistic, beautiful, fine art.

The high-resolution images are rich and detailed, for true bird lovers, or simply lovers of nature art.

Metal Bird Wall Mounted Hook

Not only is this simple, rustic bird adorable, but think how many places you could use an extra hook (or several!).

An uncomplicated design can make a real statement, and add a layer of detail that elevates everything around it. 

What could you hang:  mugs, hats, keys, a vase, towels, scarves, umbrella, shopping bags, clothing?

Small Decorative Bird's Nest with Speckled Eggs

The real thing may not be ideal to have in your home.

But a realistic-looking decorative bird’s nest works for all sorts of decor ideas.

It could be part of a tablescape, nestled in an open wooden box, filled with faux eggs, displayed under a glass cloche, framed, filled with dried flowers, paired with a beautiful faux bird, and more.

Speckled Ceramic Robin Eggs

There’s no wonder why ‘Robin Egg Blue’ is the name of a color.  It’s delicate, pale hue brings to mind Spring and all things new.

Pair them with faux seeds, plants, moss and feathers, for a nature-inspired centerpiece or nest.  Pile them into an open, distressed cigar box for a vintage feel.  Or simply put them in a beautiful bowl.

Ceramic Votive Holder

A simple silhouette of birds sitting on empty branches gives this votive holder a clean,  contemporary look.

The Danish design allows light from the votive to be seen through the ceramic.

And LED votives fit nicely too!

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