The Best Bedroom Organization Ideas to Transform Your Private Space

Give yourself and your family the gift of an organized bedroom.  It’s a peaceful place to begin the day and to retreat at night.  With very busy lives, adults and children alike need a place like this to call their own.  It can easily be done on a budget, and doesn’t have to be completed all at once.  You’ll find the bedroom organization ideas and products in this article will give you the tools to turn a chaotic room into a comfortable space.

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Bedroom organization is as individual as we are. 

No two of us have exactly the same size or shape of room, the same furnishings, or the same belongings.   

I really recommend going through all the steps in this article, even if you just read through them.

But if you want to jump right in, check the table below.

If ...Then ...
Your bedroom had adequate storage space, but you have too many things, or its been a while since you've decluttered.Declutter and Sort
Your bedroom doesn't have adequate storage space, even though you've already thoroughly decluttered.Create More Storage Space
Your bedroom has enough storage space for your things, but they aren't well organized.Organize Everything

Declutter and Sort

No surprise here.  It’s always important to declutter before you organize.
You may be tempted to skip this, but don’t.  If you do, you’ll spend more time organizing and your results won’t be as good.  You’ll be so glad you knuckled down and just did it.

The steps are probably familiar:

1. Remove everything from the space you’re decluttering.  This could be as big as your entire closet, or something smaller like a jewelry box.  The first step is always to empty it completely.

2. Sort into groups of like items. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

3. Decide which items to keep, which to donate, and which to throw away. These are the only three choices.

4. Prioritize the items in your keep pile. Are there things you want to keep, but the bedroom isn’t the best place?  Items you’re keeping that won’t be used frequently may be stored somewhere else.  

Decluttering is a neverending process.  But if you do it on a regular basis, it’s much less overwhelming.  Add it to your monthly cleaning schedule and it will soon become a habit.

Take a Bedroom Inventory

Once you’ve decluttered, take stock of the items you need to store and the storage space you have available.
What items do you have?
  • Clothing to be hung
  • Clothing to be folded
  • Undergarments
  • Socks and hosiery
  • Off-season clothing
  • Footwear
  • Accessories (ties, belts, scarves, hats)​
  • Jewelry
  • Purses​
  • Linens​
  • Bedding
  • Personal care products​
  • Books​
  • ________________________
  • ________________________
  • ________________________
What storage areas do you have?
  • Closet
  • Dresser or Chest of Drawers
  • Nightstands
  • Shelves
  • Trunk or other storage piece
  • Underbed space
  • Bins, baskets or boxes
  • ________________________
  • ________________________
  • ________________________

If you need more storage space, the good news is that there are lots of ways to get it, even in a small bedroom.  Before you begin your final organizing efforts, read through our ideas for creating more space.

Create More Bedroom Storage Space

Sometimes, no matter how much you declutter, you just need more space to store what you have.  But this is not the end of your organizing journey.  Most of us have space that we haven’t even thought of using.  

If you find yourself needing (or wanting) to make every inch count, here are some effective ways to add storage where there was none.

    Furniture that doubles as storage space is just plain genius in my opinion. 

    And there are some very clever pieces on the market today, from accent chairs to jewelry cabinets to storage beds

    If you find something that fits your space, it’s a win-win situation.

Mounted Jewelry Armoir with Mirror

Closet Organizer System

    If you’re not already, leverage the empty space under your bed. Even if you have some things stashed under there, let’s talk about how to use that space to its full potential.

    All kinds of items can be stored under the bed, such as shoes, out-of-season clothes, linens, bedding, suitcases, kids’ toys, and even gift wrapping supplies, to name a few.

    Plastic bins
    zippered storage bags, and organizers offer lots of flexibility.

Underbed Storage Containers

    If there’s no space for a nightstand next to your bed, it’s time to get creative.  You want a place within reach to hold your phone, a few books or magazines, maybe even a lamp.

    For a really simple solution, take a look at a bedside shelf or bedside caddy. Both provide storage right where you need it. 

    If you have some available wall space, a floating nightstand might be a great fit.

Bedside Shelf

    Walls are for so much more than hanging pictures!  Vertical space is every bit as useful as floor space, yet it’s often overlooked.  So when you  feel like you’re out of space, look up.Shelves can take many forms other than the traditional standing bookcase.

    Floating shelves and  wall-mounted bookshelves are two options.

    Hanging wall baskets and hanging organizers are also great storage boosters.

Wall Mounted Bookshelves

    Do you have extra floorspace, or floorspace that you could open up by rearranging some furniture?  Make the most of it by taking advantage of as much vertical space as possible.

    A vertical storage tower or tiered storage cart with a small footprint are great examples of how to do more with a small amount of floor space.

Tiered Storage Cart

    The back of a door can be a terrific source of storage space for everything from clothing to jewelry to handbags to hats to shoes … the list goes on.   If you have multiple doors to work with, all the better.

    You can create extra hanging space, add shelves, even hang a makeup cabinet over a door.

Over-the-Door Organizer


    Keeping small items contained is a big part of creating a tidy, peaceful space. 

    So using containers … in drawers, on shelves, on dressers, etc., is a strategy that works. 

    Decorative cardboard storage boxes come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and designs. 

    Collapsible organizer bins work well for clothing.

    A rope basket can be used for laundry, holding extra pillows/throws, or other types of storage.

Rope Basket

I hope you’ve found some helpful ideas for creating more storage space in your bedroom.   

And now that you have more space to work with, it’s time to start organizing!

Organize Everything

Organizing a room is part science and part art.  

The following tips give you some great strategies.  I’ve used all of them with success in the different bedrooms I’ve had over the years.

On the other hand, there is no right or wrong way to do this.  Use what works for you and pass on by what doesn’t.   


    Store the items that you use most often in places that are the easiest to get to.  That means you don’t have to stand on your tiptoes, or get on your knees, or go around and behind something else to get the item you want.  The less-frequently you use an item, the less convenient the storage location can be. 


    This is not just for neatniks, I promise.  It makes things so much simpler and easy to navigate.  In our closet, all of my husband’s sports team clothing is hung together, as are his jeans, dress shirts, t-shirts, slacks, casual shirts, etc.  He really doesn’t have to think twice to find what he needs, whatever it may be.

    Sometimes less is more, and this is one of those times.  Having a lot of items sitting on a surface, such as a nightstand or dresser, tends to look and feel messy, even if the items are organized.   If you find you can’t minimize the number of items, consider putting them in a decorative box or other container.


    Dirty clothes and trash will happen, and they have to go somewhere.  You can use a conventional hamper and basket or get creative and use something unconventional that works in your space.

    There’s no reason you can’t have a fun stylish clothes hamper and an attractive waste basket.


    Yes … a place for everything and everything in its place.  This is probably my favorite guideline when organizing.  If there’s really not a place for something, then a place needs to be made or it needs to ‘live’ somewhere else.   There is something so calming about not having odds and ends floating around with nowhere to go.


    The benefits of an organized room are enhanced when there’s a consistency to the look of it.  Not everything needs to match, but coordinating storage accessories can create a sense of order.   An example is the humble clothes hanger.  Swap out all your mismatched hangers for a single style and see if it doesn’t make a difference.


    Keeping your valuables together makes it easier to keep them secure.  Whether its jewelry, cash, documents, or other important items, take time to make sure they’re protected.

    Choose a location that is not obvious and consider a book safe, secure safe box, or other lockable/fireproof option.


    Is there another place, other than the bedroom, to store items you use only once-in-a-while?  If you can offload some things to another area, it will free up valuable space for items you use frequently.  But remember to be sure the environment (dry/warm, cold/damp, climate controlled) won’t damage what you’re planning to move. 


    Sometimes we need to adapt to the storage we have and change up how we do things.  I have far more space to hang clothes than drawers to put folded clothes in.  So I now hang some items that I used to fold, like t-shirts and jeans.  The key is to think outside the box of what you’re used to doing.  There are options!  

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