Complete Bedroom Cleaning Checklist + Free Printable

Keep everyone’s most personal space, the bedroom, clean and tidy so it’s a pleasant, restful place to start and end the day.   Your cleaning checklist will include everything from daily tasks to those you only need to do once or twice a year.  And don’t forget to grab a copy of our free bedroom cleaning checklist printable below!

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Bedrooms don’t usually require too much upkeep on a daily basis like cleaning a kitchen or bathroom does (see our kitchen cleaning checklist and bathroom cleaning checklist).  The most important task is to simply keep it tidy and combat the clutter that tends to gather there.  If you can do this a little each day, your weekly cleaning will be so much easier and faster.

Weekly Bedroom Cleaning List

Whether you choose to do these all at once, or spread them across several days, aim to complete the following tasks on a weekly basis.

Less Often Bedroom Cleaning List

Some deep cleaning tasks just don’t have to be done as often as others.  Here are suggestions for those items.  Of course, the frequency may vary depending on your home and lifestyle.  But this is a good place to start.

How to Clean a Bedroom Step by Step

Having a routine that you follow will actually help you clean more quickly.  And there is some strategy behind what tasks to do before other tasks.  For example, you want to (1) clear a space  before starting to clean it, and (2) dust before you vacuum.

  • Remove Trash – Look around the room and put any stray trash in the trash basket.  It can build up quickly … especially in kids’ and teens’ rooms.  If it’s an issue, you may want to consider getting a bigger basket.  Then remove the basket from the room to empty.
  • Gather Dirty Clothes – Get them all together and loaded into a laundry basket or hamper, then set them outside the room, ready to go to the laundry room.   Don’t forget your bed linens!
  • Put Away Clean Clothes – If you have some already-laundered clothes in the bedroom just waiting to be put away, go ahead and do it now.  There’s no reason to be cleaning around them.
  • Do a Quick Declutter – Is there anything else laying about that doesn’t belong?  Don’t get sidetracked into a major decluttering session (that’s for a different time), but spend a few minutes removing visible clutter.
  • Dust – Now you should have relatively clear surfaces so dusting them will be quicker and easier.  Beyond flat surfaces, you’ll want to dust the furniture, as well as lamps and lamp shades.  Those shade often get forgotten, but I know you won’t!  All sorts of home decor items should get some dusting love too:  picture frames, jewelry boxes, candles, even plants!  And of course, there are electronics like televisions, remotes, etc., which should also be dusted regularly.
  • Clean the Mirrors – It only takes a matter of seconds.
  • Remake the Bed – You’ve already stripped the bed and put the linens in with the laundry.  Now remake it with fresh sheets and pillow cases.
  • Vacuum – Last but not least, vacuum (or sweep) the floor.  Whether you have hardwood, carpeting and/or rugs, they need to have surface dirt removed regularly.  

“If You Wanna Change the World, Start Off By Making Your Bed”

Let’s end with a little motivation to go.  I couldn’t resist including a link to this clip because the title is so perfect.  But it also has a great message that we often need to be reminded of.

It’s so easy to skip taking care of our own space when we’ve got a whole household to care for.  It’s just one little task.  But accomplishing one little task can set the tone for the day.

If you’ve never seen the video of Admiral McRaven speaking on this topic. it may just motivate you like it has so many others. 

Free Printable Bedroom Cleaning Checklist

Grab your copy now!  It includes all the daily, weekly, monthly and “less often” tasks from this page, already prefilled for you.  Plus, there’s space to add your own, as well as make notes.

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